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English 2

  • Course code         : ENG02    
  • Number of credits: 04 
  • Theory                  : 50 hours 
  • Self-learning         : 90 hours
  • Prerequisite           : Passed English 1

Objectives: students at this moving stage will reinforce the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing and will be introduced to some workplace skills and communication skills in specific situations. Upon completing this course, students will have English language skills equivalent to TOEIC scores round about 400-450.

Listening skills:

  • have the ability to listen and understand the content of conversations in familiar workplace contexts, comprehend documentary videos covering various topics related to work environment, economy, and business/service activities.
  • Strengthen listening skills for the TOEIC exam.

Speaking skills:

  • have the ability to participate in discussions and share perspectives on work-related topics. 
  • Present solutions to various business-related issues, understand and practice presentation skills.
  • Reinforce the ability to answer questions in the TOEIC Speaking exam.

Reading skills:

  • Expand vocabulary and be able to comprehend articles, news, and work-related emails on topics covered in the program.
  • Strengthen reading skills for the TOEIC exam.

Writing skills:

Write two types of emails following the format of the TOEIC exam, including a proposal email and a complaint email.