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English 7

  • Course code: ENG07    
  • Number of credits: 04 
  • Theory: 4 (60 periods) 
  • Self-learning: … periods
  • Prerequisite: Optional (passed English 6)

Information: the course will introduce students “to the fundamentals of written discourse,” focusing on the development of writing skills applied to different purposes with emphasis on logic, organization, levels of usage, grammar and mechanics, information gathering, and audience awareness. The course will also integrate the study of expository writing with a service-learning project. The students will begin by writing comprehensive paragraphs and end by writing a clear and well-developed five-paragraph essay. Even though this course does not focus on academic topics, students will have developed a clear understanding of the writing process and will thus be able to transfer the writing skills they learn in this course to other courses to write reports and papers for other courses including academic subjects. 

  • Have a good foundation of knowledge to share with varied audiences, purposes, and topics via platform of writing. 
  • Effectively communicate and interact with individuals and groups in different contexts via platform of writing.
  • Produce well-developed, unified, and logically organized paragraphs for varied audiences, purposes, and topics.