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How to Learn English effectively?

Depending on individual preferences, you can choose to:

  • Read your favorite short stories whenever you have time.
  • Watch subtitled movies on the weekends.
  • Listen to "Reading" materials to remember difficult words used in different contexts and topics.
  • Apply the new vocabulary you've learned by speaking 1-2 short sentences to enhance your understanding of new words.
  • Write a short paragraph about the words you've learned each day to improve logical thinking.
  • Let’s do it about 15-30 minutes daily! Click here 
  • Practice your listening and speaking skills, and refer to free learning channels: 
  • Listen to TED Talks, and refer to this link.
  • Enhance your English speaking skills with these 7 tips.
  • Learn 5 valuable tips for improving your English speaking skills for IELTS.