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English 6

  • Course code: ENG06    
  • Number of credits: 04 (50 hours) 
  • Self-learning: 
  • Prerequisite: Optional (passed English 5)
  • Information: The course aims to develop speaking skills for crafting persuasive presentation, to discover how to identify the key characteristics and skills of a proficient presenter; how to craft the structure of an effective presentation, to get effective communication and influence over audience, or to deal with hard questions and to cope with a challenging audience, and many other methods will be guided closely throughout lessons and rehearsals.
  • Delivering speeches about specific selective familiar IT-related topics.
  • To learn how to prepare the beginning, middle, and end, of an effective presentation
  • To appreciate effective communication and influencing when presenting, and recognize how these impact on your audience
  • To recognize the value of preparation and rehearsal to ensure the successful outcome of a presentation