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English A1

  • Course code          : ENGA1
  • Theory                    : 75 hours
  • Number of credits: None
  • Self-learning          : 135 hours
  • Prerequisite           : <A1 
  • Objectives: aim to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills to use English in the working environment, and at the same time, familiarize them with some of the content of TOEIC Reading and Listening skills.
  • Listening skills:
  • Understand short, simple conversations about common work-related topics, including personal introductions, working tasks, problems and solutions, organizing meetings, office move and managing projects
  • Build the basic listening skills of TOEIC Listening Test’s parts 1 and 2.
  • Speaking skills:
  • Communicate with customers, colleagues, and business partners in specific situations.
  • Participate in discussions and contribute opinions in the workplace environment.
  • Present on simple work-related topics.
  • Reading skills:
  • Understand simple documents presented in the form of tables, emails, letters, and small advertisements.
  • Writing skills:
  • Compose short emails describing problems and actions, arranging meetings, and comparing offers.
  • Reply simply to an email of complaint.